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Mamma Carmela Café Pizzeria Glenelg, is a family run business serving the people and visitors of Adelaide and South Australia since 1974.

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"Mamma's is very much like the heartbeat of Jetty Road. No matter what time of year whether your rugged up with a scarfe and hat or strollin struttin in summertime, you can not get a better value for money experience than to drop into Mamma's on Jetty Road Glenelg.

I have been enjoying their exception courteous respectful service and great value food , wine, beer, coffee and sweets for many, many years. The pizzas are very difficult to beat for freshness and quality and at a realistic price. They have truly fresh ingredients which you can really savour. And for a quick snack while strolling down jetty road I would often enjoy a fully loaded bruschetta with a friend and a bottle of crisp chardonnay and some luscious garlic bread or a fresh garden salad that crunches in your mouth. And the view over the square and jetty is wonderful.

I really can't speak highly enough of Mamma's. It surely is one of Jetty Road's most important gems. Value for money - without a doubt!"


Note: Sunday & Public Holiday Surcharge Applys. 


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